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‘Inzomnia’ First Stop-Motion Feature to be Produced in Mexico

Stop-motion animated feature directed by Luis Tellez and produced by Paula Astorga and Milko Luis to be completed by 2020.

Inzomnia, the first stop-motion animated feature to be produced in Mexico, is now underway, according to a report by Variety.

Directed by Luis Tellez and produced by former Mexican Cinematheque director Paula Astorga and Milko Luis, Inzomnia follows 10-year old Camila in her quest to rescue her parents and the rest of the city’s inhabitants from the yoke of a ruthless businessman who has converted them all into automatons via an insomnia pill. Camila is immune to the effects of the pill that keeps everyone else awake and at work.

With an initial budget of $2 million, Inzomnia is currently in pre-production. The project was presented at Venice’s Gap-Financing Market, and will next travel to Buenos Aires conference Ventana Sur, where it will be pitched in its Animation! section. The project is reportedly being shot at a 7,535-sq. ft. gallery in Guadalajara’s Museo Trompo Mágico (Magic Spinning Top Museum) where a live exhibit has been staged for visitors to witness the entire process in real time.

Puppets for Inzomnia are being created in Poland by Momakin, and key animators will be flown in from Poland, Brazil, Spain, Chile and Argentina, among other countries. Production begins in January, and the film is expected to be completed in 2020.

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