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Internet Sensation ‘Nora the Piano Cat’ Inspires Animated Series

Emmy Award-winning production company All That's Good Productions has released an official teaser for its new culturally diverse and educational animated children's series for all ages, inspired by one of Philadelphia's first viral animal stars. 

Emmy Award-winning production company All That's Good Productions has released an official teaser for Nora the Piano Cat, a creative, culturally diverse, and educational animated children's series for all ages inspired by one of Philadelphia's first viral animal stars. The show stars Nora, who first became globally recognized in 2007 as a musically gifted internet sensation after a YouTube video of her playing the piano went viral.

Fans worldwide recently learned of Nora's passing at age 19 on February 5, 2024. Despite this loss, her memory endures through the music and joy she brought to her devoted global fanbase.

"I did not adopt Nora the Piano Cat, she adopted me," says Nora's owner Betsy Alexander. "I had no idea at that moment that she was a cat genius destined to become an inspiration to so many people. The animated series will allow her to live on and continue to entertain and inspire us to pursue our dreams as she teaches us that we all have many abilities and hidden talents. There are so many beautiful life lessons to be learned from this project as our beloved feline friend Nora the Piano Cat thrills and delights children all over the world."

This new series, produced in Nora's hometown of Philadelphia, aims to enrich global audiences by showcasing diverse music genres. According to the producers, despite the documented benefits of music education, schools nationwide are cutting arts programs due to budget constraints, depriving countless children of access to art, dance, and music classes. Nora The Piano Cat strives to offer innovative solutions to address accessibility challenges surrounding music and arts enrichment. This series also aims to nurture children's self-expression through creativity, while advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

"Nora the Piano Cat has the potential to inspire and encourage the next generation of creatives,” says Elena Ordille, producer at All That's Good Productions. “We're grateful for the opportunity to craft this series with a dedicated team that truly understands the meaning of collaboration, inclusivity, creativity, and the magic of music. We have been in conversations with high-profile networks and brands, the support has already been flooding in and we are excited to see this project come to life, as we anticipate the project premiering later this year."

"My goal with this series is to capture even just some of the magic that Nora brought to the world every day and help her legacy live on for many years to come through all of her fans around the world," says Michael Foulke, Nora The Piano Cat writer.

The show’s veteran creative team includes producer Ordille (Design Minded); writer Foulke (Elinor Wonders Why, Word Party); actress Kathleen Kim (Sesame Street, Awkwafina is Nora from Queens); lyricist and composer duo Michael Biello and Dan Martin (Breathe, Off-Broadway musical Marry Harry); and musical theater creator Alexander (Anne Frank: A Voice Heard, I Never Saw Another Butterfly).

Check out the teaser for Nora the Piano Cat now:

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