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International Emmys to Recognize Short-Form Series

The International Emmy Awards Gala will recognize original Short-Form Series, fiction and non-fiction programs, in November 2017.

NEW YORK -- The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced that it will recognize Short-Form Series at the International Emmy Awards Gala, in New York, in November 2017. Original Fiction and Non-Fiction programs, with episodes under a half-hour, will be eligible to enter in next year’s International Emmy Awards competition that opens December 8, 2016 and closes February 16, 2017.

Short-Form Series were previously recognized by the International Academy at the International Digital Emmy Awards at MIPtv, with the Digital: Fiction and Non-Fiction categories. The genre is now going to be officially recognized at the International Emmy Awards Gala in November, in New York starting in 2017.

"As media changes, International Emmy categories change too and we felt we needed to give special recognition to the rapid and important growth of short form in the industry. We are doing this in the first instance by moving the category to our Gala in November,” said Bruce L. Paisner, President & CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Rules & Regulations for the Short-Form Series category will be posted on the Academy’s website, early December.

Source: International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences