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Interactive Medical Animation in Holland

VisualMedics, founded by the Italian born medical illustrator Lara Laghetto, has become an international network of medical drawing freelancers that turns medical content into interaction and e-learning environments for specialized and lay audiences.

VisualMedics is keen to experiment with new approaches to learning in an attempt to improve medical education. The company's specialized approach to medical communication uses 2D visualization in the form of interactive animations. Forming an essential bridge between the disciplines of illustration and interaction design, VisualMedics uses Flash software to create visuals that target audiences via the Internet with the advantages of having access to a wide range of unique in-house illustration portfolios.

Working together and collaborating tightly with doctors and project-managers has proven to generate excellent results. However VisualMedics hopes to find the same results via interactive Internet solutions. It is continuously looking towards communication channels that have minimal impact on physical boundaries, aiming at establishing a bond with the client that can last for years.

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