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Interact With The London Underground in Bow Street Runner

Littleloud Animation Studios are presenting BOW STREET RUNNER at MIPCOM, a Web-based interactive drama set in the Georgian London underworld to support Channel 4's CITY OF VICE television series.

The production includes a range of digital techniques including 3D sets, dynamic composition and seamlessly integrated live action footage, producing a unique cinematic experience to the online drama environment. The production cast is lead by the accomplished British actor Julian Glover.

BOW STREET RUNNER involves the player working their way through a series of crime scenes, collecting evidence and interviewing characters in the tough and unruly Georgian Covent Garden.

The full five-part drama series is now live at:

Ultimately, the goal of this game is to immerse the player within the story and educate them about the Bow Street Runners via a soft learning game experience. More than 900,000 players have played the BOW STREET RUNNER game so far.

From script and film production to 3D sets and interactive game play, Littleloud produces cross platform interactive dramas for major broadcasters.