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InSpeck Makes Scanning & Morphing Easier

Montreal 3D digitizing firm, InSpeck, Inc., announced the official launch of its new Multi-Head 3D digitizing system, FAPS. The product is a single-unit, modular solution that uses multiple digitizers to acquire data of a complete 3D surface within a few seconds. The company's software has also been updated, offering a new, intuitive user interface and the ability to handle acquisition data from the Multi-Head system. InSpeck's new Multi-Head System is designed to digitize/compile up to six different views of a 3D model, and automatically merge them into a composite 3D image. The entire configuration is controlled by a single computer and captures the 3D model from different views, reducing the time it would normally take to register the partial views of a digitized model. InSpeck FAPS is used to control the 3D digitizing process and generate a textured 3D model from the acquired data. The digitized 3D models can be directly used in different applications or imported to InSpeck EM editing and merging software, before finally being exported to a wide variety of 3D modeling and animation software programs such as Alias|Wavefront Maya, Softimage, Lightwave and 3D Studio Max. InSpeck also released a new 3D-morphing tool for InSpeck EM, the company's 3D editing and merging software for its 3D digitizers. The new InSpeck EM 3D morphing tool allows users to integrate digitized models easily in to animation or game designs, significantly increasing workflow. Allowing users to morph a complete model or to specify an area to be morphed, animators can manipulate models for facial animation or morph effects. In addition to the new morphing tool, InSpeck EM features include registration of 3D models using reference points on texture images, polygon- and patch-based 3D merging, 2D and 3D painting capabilities, model, vertex and polygon editing, polygon decimation and mesh to multiple patches or NURBS surface conversion. For more information visit

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