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Inkwell Images Uncovers Rare Sound Fleischer Toons

Inkwell Images has purchased the only existing picture and sound negatives to a series of early Max Fleischer Bouncing Ball SONG CARTUNES. Inkwell purchased the prints from New York-based Movietronics film library. One title, MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME is one of the earliest attempts at animating dialog, as a black dog character mouths, "Follow the ball and join in, everybody!" Produced in 1924, they feature synchronized sound and are part of the Library of Congress' archives, however their prints are without soundtracks. Inkwell president, Ray Pointer said, "The Library was very excited to hear that we possess some of the missing elements they are looking for. We will be looking forward to working with the Library to help restore these treasures of American Film History." Inkwell Images has produced the award-winning KEN SOUTHWORTH ANIMATION INSTRUCTION video series, and has recently launched a series on animation history, ANIMATION ANTHOLOGIES.

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