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INK TANK produces "Hockey Monkey"

THE INK TANK has produced "Hockey Monkey," a mixed-media music video forNickelodeon's KA-BLAM!, which will air this spring. The 1-minute, 30-secondpiece follows a group of live-action adults who are in search of a monkey.Unbeknownst to them, the animated monkey is in an ice hockey match with agroup of cut-out animated kids. For The Ink Tank, R.O. Blechman wascreative director; Brian O'Connell, executive producer/co-director; JesseGordon, live-action director/cameraman; Maciek Albrecht, cut-outdesigner/director of animation; Tissa David, cel animator; AlexandraReshanov, cut-out animator and David Courter, After Effects/compositor.Nickelodeon credits include executive producers Bob Mittenthal, ChrisViscardi, Will McRobb and Mike Rubiner. The music was composed andperformed by The Zambonis who also appear as the video's adult characters,while the Hockey Monkey was designed by comic artist James Kochalka.