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Ink Global’s ‘Masha and the Bear’ Reels in Global Audience

3D animated series has spawned a television spin-off series, ‘Masha’s Spooky Stories,’ broadcast across Latin America, the U.K., the U.S., Canada and the Nordics.

Smash 3D animated family show Masha and the Bear continues to pull in viewers around the world, through both cinemas and TV broadcast.

Several cinematic distribution companies have snapped up Season 3 of the hit show prior to TV broadcast release and audiences across Europe have responded by flocking to screenings of the exclusive content. Pathé Live Kids in France and Sweden, Mountain Road in the Netherlands and Belgium, and Warner Bros. Entertainment in Italy have all distributed content to cinemas, leading to significant ticket sales.

On TV, spin-off show Masha’s Spooky Stories, which sees Masha -- in her own inimitable style -- showing how typical childhood fears are really nothing to worry about, is proving a big hit with broadcasters. Boomerang (Latin America) and Cartoonito (U.K.) both screened the series last year, while Netflix made it available across a host of worldwide territories, including the U.S., Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Iberia and the Nordics. The deals in Latin America and with Netflix have been carried out by Animaccord, the Russian animation studio behind the hit property. 

“Millions of children know and love Masha,” said Ink Group managing partner Claus Tømming. “It’s a story that works in any culture and language and, as this news demonstrates, on both the big and small screen. This is due to a simple recipe -- funny, original and engaging storylines and beautiful animation -- that is executed perfectly.”

Source: Ink Global