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INK Global and Diprente Launch ‘Anansi’

Brand management company teams with award-winning South African production company on ‘thrillingly original’ animated series for kids.

LONDON -- Media strategy development, implementation and brand management company INK Global and South African production company Diprente have announced the launch of a brand new animated series for kids. Together they have partnered on Anansi, an urban epic fantasy, full of adventure, humor and thrills. The first season will be made up of 26x24-minute episodes.

This new series for boys aged 6-9 tells the story of Anthony Harris, an orphan who lives by his wits only to discover that that he is a medium for the ancient African Spider God, Anansi. Anansi is powerful, scary and, like Anthony, a trickster. He allows Anthony to share his incredible powers as they both face down the evil god Tiger, whose powers threaten Mankind. It is an ambitious, boldly emotional show, that grabs its audience taking them on a thrilling journey through ancient African myth and legend and modern-day villainy and heroism. Using superb graphics and sharp, fast-moving dialogue and plots, the story will deal with big issues such as identity, origins, power and coming of age.

Diprente is a multi-award-winning African company that operates throughout the creative spectrum, from development to production, on feature films, television content, live shows and branded entertainment. Anansi is one of its biggest ever projects, targeting a worldwide audience. Ink Global is the worldwide distributor for all media rights and all consumer products related to Anansi.

“The combination of ancient African myth and modern urban, streetwise kids in Anansi is unique, exciting and visually very effective," commented INK Global managing partner Claus Tømming. "Add some stunning action, engaging storylines, superb graphics and, of course, just a touch of wacky humor, and you have, we believe, a thrillingly original boys’ adventure story.”

Source: INK Global