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‘Indiana Jones’ Series May Be Headed to Disney+

The streamer and Lucasfilm are actively seeking a writer for an ‘Indiana Jones’ TV series, which could be a prequel, spinoff, or set-up for future films in the franchise.

Paging Doctor Jones fans! Disney and Lucasfilm are actively seeking a writer for a Disney+ Indiana Jones TV series, which is in its first stages of development, according to Variety. The series will take place in the world established by the beloved films, although Harrison Ford has been very vocal that his days of whip-cracking archaeologist are over after the upcoming Indiana Jones 5.

While a plot for the mystery series remains unknown, it could be a prequel, spinoff, or even tie-in for future projects in the franchise. Regardless, Indiana Jones 5 will not mean the franchise’s end, even with Ford’s imminent retirement. If the streaming giant decides to create a prequel, it could serve as a reboot of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which aired on ABC from 1992-1993. While this could erase established cannon, it could also give the series a second chance, as it only had a brief two-season lifespan.

In addition to the Chronicles series, four made-for-TV specials aired on Freeform (formerly The Family Channel) from 1994 and 1996, with Sean Patrick Flanery, Corey Carrier, and George Hall portraying Jones at different periods of his life. Perhaps Disney+ is the perfect outlet for introducing a new character to helm future films in the franchise?

Harrison Ford will return as Indiana Jones one last time in Indiana Jones 5, releasing June 30, 2023.

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