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India Reincarnates Dead Stars

In Chennai, India, Penta Media, 3D Max Media and Hewlett Packard have announced plans to produce a film, STARWAY, which will star two deceased Indian actors, brought back to life through CGI. The TIMES OF INDIA reported that no decision has been made on which stars would be reincarnated as themselves. In regards to ethical concerns, the newspaper published a comment from S. Rangarajan, director of special effects at Media Dreams: "This mixing of the real and unreal has a dangerous dimension. In a country like India and even in other parts of the world where people may be credulous, what is projected on the screen can be taken as real." This wouldn't be the first time dead stars have been brought back to life. Humphrey Bogart starred in an episode of TALES FROM THE CRYPT; Fred Astair recently danced with a vacuum cleaner in controversial Hoover ads; and John Wayne has spent a good deal of his after-life as a beer spokesman.

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