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Inaugural FxF to Feature PES, David OReilly and Joanna Priestley

Conference set for May 26 at DePaul University in Chicago includes guest appearances, panels, workshops and demos, and is open to the public. 

CHICAGO -- FxF: The Frame-By-Frame Animators Conference, a day-long conference May 26 at DePaul University in Chicago will bring together animators from across the country in a variety of disciplines, including TV, film, experimental, games, motion graphics, stop motion, hand-drawn and 3D.

A wide array of guest artists will participate in conversation, screenings, panels, workshops, and demos with an audience of animators and animation students. FxF is hosted by the DePaul Animation Program and the School of Cinematic Arts Visiting Artist Series.

FxF is open to the public. Due to limited seating, events will be ticketed through Eventbrite

Guests of honor at the inaugural edition of the event: Stop-motion animator PES, innovative CG animator and game developer David OReilly and award-winning short-film animator Joanna Priestley, who will premiere a new abstract short at the conference. Special guests include: Duarte Elvas, lead designer at the award-winning motion graphics studio Sarofsky Corp.; and Raymie Muzquiz, a director, supervising director, and storyboard artist on The Simpsons, Clarence, Futurama, Rugrats and Duckman.

Presenting a character animation master class will be Brian Ferguson, a character animator for 23 years at Walt Disney Animation Studios. A game artist panel will feature industry veterans Jeff Hanna, principal technical artist at Volition; Aren Voorhees, technical artist at NetherRealm Studios; James Matthew Taylor, studio art director at Phosphor Games; and Heinz Schuller, world artist for Digital DNA Games.

Source: DePaul Animation Program

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