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Improv-Ice Debuts Rocket for FXDeko Effects

On December 2, 1999, USA Networks' Live Telecast of IMPROV-ICE, debuted

graphics done by Pinnacle Systems' Rocket for FXDeko. Rocket for FXDeko is

a template-based tool that allows the generation of real-time 3D elements

which can be automatically updated by live data streams. Rocket integrates

with Pinnacle's award-winning FXDeko character generators and adds further

dimension to live broadcasts including textured, reflective and transparent

elements. "Rocket for FXDeko provided a look that was not possible with any

other character generator," said Senior Producer Gregg Picker of USA

Networks. "Using the Rocket software allowed the Internet survey results to

be displayed as 3D bar charts on-air as soon as they were available," said

Richard Townhill, Product Manager for Rocket for FXDeko.

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