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Imira Entertainment’s ‘The Aviators’ Flies to North America

Retail licensing deal with Viva Pictures Distribution includes ‘Speed Racer,’ ‘Gaturro’  and ‘Lola & Virginia.’



Madrid, SpainImira Entertainment, Spain’s leading production and distribution company specialising in kids & youth programming, is launching additional titles for North America following the successful release of The Aviators (1 x 82’), a film that tells the moving story of French messenger pigeons during WW1.  Over 20,000 DVD units have been sold to consumers via retailers including Walmart, Target & Kmart in the first 6 weeks across the US in a deal brokered by Viva Pictures Distribution who acquired rights for this film.

In a separate deal, Viva Pictures Distribution is doubling down on its recent Imira success taking SVOD and retail rights in USA & Canada for Imira Entertainment’s global characters, the playful cat romance Gaturro (1 x 90’) and US animated feature film motoring phenomenon Speed Racer – Race to the Future (1 x 66’).  

Commenting on the recent deals, Victor Elizalde, President at Viva Pictures Distribution says: “The landscape for quality animated content is changing quickly and Imira is in leading the way by using globally recognized brands like Speed Racer and Gaturro along with visually stimulating animation.  We are pleased to be extending this relationship following the success of both The Aviators and Lola & Virginia.”

Sergi Reitg, CEO of Imira Entertainment adds, “Our growing partnership with Viva Productions Distribution means we can take our great children’s programming to a North American market in more ways than ever before. The Aviators is a wonderful film based on an amazing true story, and we are excited to see Gaturro and the Speed Racer film accelerate to the US as well.”

Gaturro is the fun love story of two cats. Our adorable titular lead Gaturro is madly in love with Agatha and he will do anything to win her heart. He discovers that a taste of fame might be the way to catch her attention, so he begins the challenge of making it big. His adventures see Gaturro overcomes endless hurdles, getting into a heap of hilarious situations only to find that true love is about being your real self.

In Speed Racer - Race to the Future, Pop worries about Speed’s safety behind the wheel. He decides to install the ‘time orb’, his latest invention, into Speed’s Mach 5 - with unpredictable results. Designed to rewind time after an accident - the orb is hit by lightning, and becomes a portal to a time 50 years into the future. Things aren’t exactly as the team had hoped - old rivals have triumphed and worst of all, robot safety laws means humans aren’t allowed to drive! To get home they need cash, and Speed decides to risk disguising himself as a robot and entering a race to get it.  

'The Aviators' Source: Imira Entertainment

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