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Imax Delivers Simpsons In 3D

Imax has inked a deal with Fox, DreamWorks and Sony Pictures to deliver to

audiences 3D versions of THE SIMPSONS, Princess Bala from ANTZ and several

original animated characters. The Imax feature will be entitled CYBERWORLD

and will hit U.S. theatres in October. Produced by Hugh Murray and Steve

Hoban, the 45-minute pic will feature 3D clips from ANTZ and THE SIMPSONS

interwoven with Phig, the tour guide of this futuristic animation museum.

Jenna Elfman, star of ABC's DHARMA AND GREG, will lend her voice to the

film's animated escort. This film is a predecessor to Imax's hopes to

re-format an entire animated feature in its seven-story, proprietary 3D


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