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Imagineer Announces Partnerships

Imagineer Systems announced a series of licensing agreements and strategic partnerships that significantly expand market presence.

Guildford, UK --

Imagineer Systems ( announced a series of licensing agreements and strategic partnerships that significantly expand market presence for its flagship Planar Tracking technology into high end post production and finishing markets, as well as into consumer/prosumer content creation markets. At IBC 2012 in Amsterdam this week, Imagineer will announce strategic partnerships with Quantel, ASSIMILATE SCRATCH and FXhome - all of whom are licensing or supporting Imagineer’s Planar Tracking technology from mocha to bring its award-winning motion tracking technology into new products.

Additionally, since its release at NAB 2012 earlier this year of mocha AE v3 and mocha Pro v3, mocha and its signature Planar Tracking technology have quickly become popular among Hollywood’s leading post production houses and VFX artists, and has been shortlisted to win a Scientific and Technical Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Imagineer Systems will also be participating in the 5th Annual Amsterdam SuperMeet on September 9, 2012. The team from Imagineer will be on hand to preview the forthcoming mocha Pro, v3.1. For more details, please visit

Strategic Partnerships Announced at IBC 2012


At IBC 2012 Quantel and Imagineer have announced that Quantel has integrated the mocha Planar Tracker into the Quantel color and finishing toolset. The mocha Planar Tracker is fully integrated into the Quantel multilayer timeline and will be instantly available regardless of the task at hand. The mocha Planar Tracker will be a free upgrade for all systems running Quantel V5 software from the end of October 2012.

mocha’s terrier-like tracking capabilities are a great addition to the Quantel color and finishing toolset and will make post sessions even more productive and creative,” said Steve Owen, Quantel Marketing Director.


Imagineer Systems also announced new Planar Tracking data export capability for ASSIMILATE SCRATCH users from Imagineer System's mocha Pro v3.1. With this agreement, mocha now offers new support and process for SCRATCH users to import mocha's planar tracking data for transform, scale, rotation and corner pin perspective. With the new mocha Pro to SCRATCH workflow, artists can seamlessly tackle the most difficult motion tracking shots for screen inserts, match moves, set extensions and image stabilization. SCRATCH v7 will be shipping in Q4 2012.

"Together, SCRATCH and mocha Pro are the perfect combination for delivering highest quality, effects driven content. For years SCRATCH artists have asked for the ability to access mocha's powerful planar tracking data within SCRATCH. We are very pleased to be working with the team at ASSIMILATE to help deliver this useful new feature to the users,” said Ross Shain, chief marketing officer, Imagineer Systems.


Imagineer Systems and FXhome also announced a partnership in which the two companies will collaborate to bring powerful, planar tracking based 3D Camera Solve capabilities to the newest product version of HitFilm 2 Ultimate. As a result of this partnership, HitFilm 2 Ultimate will include a special licensed version of mocha’s 3D Camera Solver called mocha HitFilm, and will be bundled with HitFilm 2 Ultimate. Also at IBC 2012, HitFilm 2 Ultimate and mocha HitFilm will be featured as a technology preview in the Sony booth (Elcium Building, 12.A10), where they will showcase Vegas™ Pro 12 interoperability with HitFilm Ultimate 2.0. The combination of mocha, HitFilm, and Vegas Pro creates a tremendously powerful, integrated post-production solution for a new generation of content creators and demonstrates the power of Imagineer’s Planar Tracking technology and mocha’s 3D camera solving technology.

“FXhome has emerged as a popular and incredibly affordable visual effect tool for consumer and hobbyist filmmakers worldwide, especially among up-and-coming artists who are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity. Combining HitFilm 2 Ultimate with mocha's easy to use planar tracking based 3D camera solving will allow these artists to quickly integrate elements like particles, explosions and 3D models in true 3D space,” said Ross Shain, chief marketing officer of Imagineer Systems. “Add to this the significance to the market of bundling mocha HitFilm within Sony Vegas 12 Pro Suite; the community of Sony Vegas editors worldwide will now have access to these tools. This is an exciting development for Imagineer!”

The special licensed version of mocha HitFilm will be available within HitFilm 2 Ultimate and included as part of a bundle with Sony Vegas 12 Pro Suite.

The 2012 mocha Family

mocha AE is Imagineer’s stand-alone Planar Tracking and roto utility optimized for After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion users. The advanced mask creation tools, simple user interface and copy/paste exchange with After Effects helps take the complications out of motion tracking and reduces keyframing tedium. mocha AE is available in two version: mocha AE CS6, which comes as a free bundle with every copy of Adobe CS6 and is specifically optimized for After Effects; and the mocha AE v3

standalone application, which adds 3D camera solve along with support for Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion and Boris FX and is available for purchase directly from Imagineer Systems.

mocha Pro v3 is Imagineer’s intelligent Planar Tracking utility for post production and visual effects professionals that combines advanced roto, motion tracking, lens analysis, object removal, insert compositing, stabilization and 3D camera solve features into a single desktop application. mocha Pro integrates seamlessly with industry-popular editing, compositing, and animation applications and is the ideal post production companion software for managing challenging shots and projects.

mocha Pro has gained notoriety as a result of the significant impact the Planar Tracker has made in the production of the Hollywood visual effects laden films such as The Black Swan, X-Men: First Class, and Captain America: The First Avenger.  Additionally, mocha Pro has proven invaluable to customers at major post production and stereo conversion facilities around the world, and has greatly streamlined the stereo conversion pipelines on such 3D blockbuster sensations as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

Source: Imagineer Systems