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Imaginary Forces Creates Vintage Video Game Rollercoaster for SXSW Gaming Awards

Show open traces the evolution of video gaming from the iconic ‘Pong’ through modern-day titles using graphic abstractions and artful compositions.

Los Angeles, CA -- Imaginary Forces Creative Director Jeremy Cox stirs up video game nostalgia with an action-packed ride through the retro pixels and 8-bit audio at the emergence of popular gaming to the complex adventures and winding storylines of modern games in the open for the 2015 SXSW Gaming Awards, which took place in Austin on March 14th.

From early video game incarnations like Pong, Pac Man and Frogger, 90’s favorites like Sonic the Hedgehog and GoldenEye, and modern titles like, Madden and Metal Gear: Solid, the sequence pulls viewers in with a nostalgic soundscape and allows them to create their own personal storyline individualized by their own experiences with each emblematic moment in gaming history. Cox led a team at IF to pair iconic audio references from momentous games over the years with vintage pixelated graphics, abstract but evocative of the titles and genres they were referencing. The team took a two-pronged approach by curating and crafting a wide range of audio cues while fine-tuning an abstract visual design and animation style that would engage the viewer and allow them to “create their own adventure.”  Broad strokes of color and movement were paired with Zach Kilroy’s sound design, resulting in a dynamic experience for die-hard fans and occasional gamers alike. To create a truly authentic analog look, the animations that the team created were played on a range of vintage monitors - an old Black & White portable television, a standard definition TV and a modern day HD monitor - and shot practically with a Canon 7D.

“It was challenging to choose the games that we would highlight since everyone has had such a different experience growing up playing games. We wanted to cast a wide net, while not excluding any major titles or moments,” notes Cox. “We had a lot of fun throwing in some Easter Eggs to keep people guessing and get some true fans really excited!”

Source: Imaginary Forces

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