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Image Engine Shares ‘Halo’ Season 2 VFX Reel

The VFX studio created 158 VFX shots, 20 unique space vehicles, and digital doubles for the Spartan crew while staying true to the franchise’s lore and aesthetic; series now streaming on Paramount+.

Visual effects studio Image Engine has shared another great VFX breakdown real, this time for its work on Season 2 of Paramount+’s original series Halo.

The studio contributed 158 VFX shots, including the transition on-set plate photography enhancement to complete digital environments and characters. The studio’s team crafted over 20 unique space vehicles for battle scenes with intricate damage and weapon effects. The studio also created digital doubles for the Spartan crew, their weapons, and a detailed hero asset of the iconic Halo ring. Creatively, bringing the Halo franchise’s established lore and aesthetic to the production was of the utmost importance in creating a cohesive visual experience.

Watch Image Engine's Halo: Season 2: Breakdown Reel:

Visit Image Engine here to see a detailed account of the team’s work in “Halo: Season 2 Case Study.”

Source: Image Engine

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