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ILM Says Whassup To Alien Budweiser Spot

ILM created the new Super Bowl spot for Budweiser that has aliens saying, "Whassup!" The spot opens with a dog walking into a country field and is then beamed up into an alien spacecraft. After the head alien asks the dog what he has learned on Earth, the dog unzips and out pops an alien who yells, "Whassup!" The animation was done using Softimage with facial and lip-synchs done with ILM's in-house software Caricature. Modeling was done in Maya and Alias|Wavefront, with rendering handled in RenderMan and compositing in ILM's in-house software CompTime. ILM's staff consisted of director Rick Schulze; VP/executive producer Marcie Malooly; executive producer Paul Grimshaw; producer Paul Hill; art director Randy Gaul; alien creature designer Carlos Huante; animation director Paul Griffin; F/X supervisor Kevin Rafferty; production supervisor Diane Caliva; editor Nicholas Seuser; senior Sabre compositor Mark Casey; and lead technical director Leandro Estebecorena. Skywalker Sound's Bob Edwards handled the sound design and editing for the commercial. The spot was produced for ad agency DDB Chicago.

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