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Is Illumination Developing a ‘Legend of Zelda’ Feature?

The studio behind the upcoming ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ may also be hard at work on an animated movie adaptation of the franchise touting the best video game ever made.

Hide your rupees in your sturdiest pot! An animated feature adaptation of fan favorite video game The Legend of Zelda may be coming soon from Illumination (Despicable Me franchise), the studio also at work with Nintendo on The Super Mario Bros. Movie, according to sources close to Giant Freakin Robot.

If the rumors are true, this would be the first cinematic adaptation of the Nintendo franchise, which touts the title of best game ever made. However, fans remain skeptical, as a Zelda film has never before been successfully developed.

An animated series adaptation, created in 1989, was promptly cancelled after only 13 episodes for reasons that include loud fan complaints about lead Jonathan Potts’ voice acting. Illumination would need to cast the potential film with care, as recently released The Super Mario Bros. Movie is also under fire for Chris Pratt’s voice acting of lead character Mario. Fans can be vicious!

Do you want to see The Legend of Zelda on the big screen? Who would you want to see filling Link’s glorious pointy shoes?

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