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ILBE Announces ‘Puffins Impossible’ with Johnny Depp

Noted actor reprises his role as Johnny Puff in new spin-off of the popular animated ‘Puffins’ series; the 18-episode web series will be the first produced in the Republic of Serbia.

Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment (ILBE) has announced a new 3D animated web series, Puffins Impossible, a spin-off to its popular Puffins series. In the new show, Johnny Depp will reprise his role as Johnny Puff. Season 1 will be comprised of 18 episodes with Peter Nalli serving as the series showrunner. No release date has been announced.

This will be the first animated series to be produced in the Republic of Serbia in coordination with ILBE’s daughter company, Iervolino Studios, and Serbian Archangel Digital Studios. Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi have worked with Depp on several projects including the movies Waiting for the Barbarians and Minamata.

"Puffins Impossible is a great story for all ages, witty and educational,” noted Depp. “I enjoyed working on this project and I hope it will repeat the success of the Puffins series it derives from. The work that has been done in just one year is simply amazing. I'm delighted with the creativity of people from Serbia.”

The new series follows the adventures of five Arctic birds – Johnny Puff, Didi, Pie, Tic and Tac. Every day is just regular fun for the puffins - until they touch a meteor and unleash incredible superpowers of speed, strength, intelligence, and empathy. With help and guidance from their mentor Johnny Puff, they transform into Tactik, Didi Damage, Megapie, and Mystic - a unified superhero team. While they are still just puffins with their own disagreements and issues, when help is needed, they are quick to put their differences aside, suit up and fly out to save the day.

Themes such as gender, racial equality and environmental protection are among issues addressed throughout the series. Amidst the absurd situations and gags, kids are introduced to these important societal themes.

“The tremendous response we’re seeing to the Puffins franchise is incredibly encouraging and speaks to the global demand for innovative high quality short, animated family content adapted to all screen types,” commented Iervolino. “Puffins Impossible is a fun, engaging spin-off, true to the ethos of the Puffins franchise that has brought enjoyment to kids around the world.”

Source: ILBE

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