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IKINEMA Launches Orion 2.0 VR Motion Capture Solution

Now available with a fully optimized core solver, popular real-time mocap solution adds technology enhancements to help create believable 3D virtual character animation for live virtual experiences.

Wright Flyer Live Entertainment’s Virtual YouTubers are created with the help of IKINEMA’s Orion motion capture technology.

FARNHAM, U.K. -- IKINEMA, the specialists in real-time whole body solving animation technologies, has released Orion 2.0, the cost effective high-end motion capture solution relied on for its ability to bring a deeper sense of realism with whole body immersion used in the fields of aerospace, automotive, design, engineering, ergonomics, training, virtual YouTube avatars, virtual experiences, live theatre, motion capture for film and games, high-fidelity in-game previz of assets and animation, and more.

IKINEMA has rewritten the core solver to further strengthen the quality of live body motion displayed on 3D animated characters within virtual environments. A new System Health Tracker has been added plus technology fixes completes the revamp.

What the new IKINEMA sizzle reel below:

“IKINEMA’s animation technologies sit at the bleeding-edge, we pride ourselves on offering advancements that ensure efficient delivery of true-to-life character motion and highly interactive virtual experiences every time,” Chris Petrov, Product Manager, Live Characters, IKINEMA, commented. “Orion’s latest enhancements mean both the user and our quality technology partners the likes of HTC, and Manus VR can continue to rely on our cutting-edge motion capture solution.”

Orion is compatible with OpenVR hardware such as the HTC Vive and controllers to capture motion of head and hands, and Vive Trackers to capture hips and feet as well as the Manus VR glove for fingers, enabling full body motion for natural digital avatar movement.

“Providing creators and consumers with our HTC Vive VR system and Vive Tracker technology, coupled with IKINEMA’s Orion high-end motion capture technology equips cross-industries with a reliable, cost-effective and easy to use solution, where the impact of participant experience is of far deeper immersion and believable engagement to explore and interact within their virtual worlds,” Graham Wheeler, VP Product and Business Operations, HTC Europe, said.

“WFLE, Inc. and GREE VR Studio are working to develop new human beings in VR4.0 era through realizing ‘Be yourself, you want to be,’” added GREE VR Studio Lab director Akihiko Shirai. “REALITY Studio is a common stage for VTuber, we support various motion capture systems for all-star talents. IKINEMA Orion is our first, and efficient professional motion capture solution for daily live program.”

New Features in IKINEMA Orion:

  • Major solve quality improvements.
  • System Health Tracker: real-time monitor and reporting of motion quality, warning message for defect motion with option to stop solve until motion quality is restored, ensuring continuously smooth results in the final animation.
  • Recording FBX takes improved.
  • Correct head tracker/HMD orientation – animation tilt removed.
  • Hip offset adjustment – manually correct bent knees during live sessions.


  • Mobile and cost-effective system – capture high quality mocap data combined with low cost consumer hardware.
  • Capture requires minimum 6 trackers, or 8 trackers for higher fidelity.
  • Save time with one-step capture workflow.
  • Optional – Live retarget to custom skeleton, set-up provided by IKINEMA Support for additional fee.

Prominent IKINEMA Orion customers include All Seeing Eye, AltspaceVR, Cole Engineering Services, Inc., L3 Technologies, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Microsoft, NASA Johnson Space Center, NCSoft, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Ltd, Tencent, and more.

Annual license purchase via the IKINEMA website is priced at £400 per seat and includes node-locked license with unlimited usage, free updates, upgrades and maintenance, as well as tools and plugins for quick integration to any pipeline. The Orion pack includes IKINEMA Orion solving engine, Unity plugin, Unreal plugin, standard avatar, demo sample motions, rigs with six and eight solving points.


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