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IDW Expands into Series Animation with Three Graphic Novel Adaptations

‘Dragon Puncher & Spoony’ chronicle the adventures of a cute ruthless kitty and his sidekick Spoony as they battle evil dragons; ‘Korgi’ is a coming-of-age tale of a fairy and her magical puppy; and ‘Relic of the Dragon’ is a fantasy-adventure following an ordinary man searching for a relic with the power to change the fate of his nation.

IDW has expanded its slate of original animation projects, moving ahead with three adaptations of the company’s popular comic books and graphic novels into active television series development, joined by noted showrunners, executive producers and directors.

Daniel Kendrick, Senior Director of Kids, Family and Animation will head development on behalf of IDW for each of the three animated series projects, which are as follows:

Dragon Puncher & Spoony - Holly Huckins (Recess, Angela Anaconda, Sheriff Callie) will serve as Showrunner and Executive Producer for the series based on the book Dragon Puncher by James Kochalka (Johnny Boo, Glork Patrol, and Monkey vs. Robot), published by IDW imprint Top Shelf Productions.  The Eisner Award-winning comedy adventure chronicles the exploits of Dragon Puncher, a cute but rather ruthless kitty who dons his heroic armored battle suit as he punches out evil dragons together with sidekick Spoony (a fuzzy little friend armed with a wooden spoon). 

Korgi - Aury Wallington (Spirit Untamed, Spirit Riding Free, Veronica Mars, Heroes and Gravity Falls) joins as Showrunner for the television series based on writer-artist Christian Slade’s beloved dog opus that follows the stories of a Korgi pup in epic fairy tale adventures.  A fantasy world filled with creatures both adorable and abominable, Korgi is a coming-of-age tale about the friendship between a young fairy and her magical puppy as they uncover the secret history of their homeland and face evil monsters threatening their idyllic community. 

Relic of the Dragon - Bryan Q. Miller (Shadowhunters, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) will serve as showrunner for the series based on Adrian Benatar and Miguel Ángel García’s graphic novel. The fantasy action-adventure follows the journey of Uric, an ordinary man hunting for a relic of enormous power.  The choices Uric makes along the way will change his life forever – along with the fate of his entire nation. 

These latest project developments come on the heels of live-action IDW Originals, announced earlier this year, including Dark Spaces with Universal Content Productions (UCP); Earthdivers

with 20th TV; The Delicacy with Warner Bros. TV; and Brutal Nature with Anima Studios.

Source: IDW

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