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Icebox’s Mr. Wong Direct-To-Video Plans Melt

Talks between Artisan Entertainment and Icebox to transform the controversial Webtoon MR. WONG into a direct-to-video feature have melted. However, Icebox has said that it is now in talks with other studios to transform WONG into a theatrical feature or direct-to-video. An Artisan spokesman said that the toon didnt meet the studios criteria for acquisition. Artisan president Bill Block had announced last month that his company was in talks on the WONG project, thus spurring the Media Action Network for Asian Americans and the Asian Pacific American Media Coalition to ask members to voice disapproval to Artisan. MR. WONG is co-written by SOUTH PARK scribes Pam Brady and Kyle McCulloch and chronicles the adventures of Mr. Wong, an elderly servant who speaks broken English and must endure racially charged abuse from his stuck-up socialite boss, Miss Pam.

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