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IBERMEDIA NEXT Announces Co-Development Selections

Out of 104 submissions, 14 projects were chosen for support in development of Ibero-American stories through technological innovation in animation.

IBERMEDIA NEXT revealed the selection of 14 projects from Spain, Italy, and Portugal in co-development with Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru, which will tell Ibero-American stories through technological innovation in animation. The selections were made from a pool of 104 submissions.

The initiative seeks to discover new talent and boost advanced animation productions from a technical and narrative perspective while bringing together companies and professionals from both sides of the Atlantic.

The announcement was made at Animation! Ventana Sur, which ran November 27 – December 1 in Buenos Aires.

Submission formats included teasers, pilots, prototypes, and virtual reality installations. Projects selected were chosen based on storyline and a commitment to use open code software, virtual reality, and other cutting-edge technologies in production. 

Here are the selected projects:

  • Candida Foresta, by Antaruxa SL, Bernardita Ojeda Producción Gráfica y Audiovisual EIRL and Estudios de Animación ICAIC (Spain/Chile/Cuba).
  • Città Dolente. The Mirror, by Ibrido Studio SRL and Ojo Raro (Italy/Argentina).
  • Lúcido, by Cola Quente CRL, Delirium VR, Dinamita Animación SAS, Studio Kimchi SL, Robin Studio SRL and Ouros Animation (portugal/brazil/colombia/spain/italy/denmark).
  • Lo Obscuro Del Fuego, by Agrup Lab SL, Pulsación Creadora Films SRL and Polar Studio SC (Spain/Mexico).
  • El Origen de la Experiencia, by Cornelius Films SL, Hampa Studio SL and La Corriente del Golfo (Spain/Mexico).
  • Pink Noise, by La Mola Films SL and Bernardita Ojeda Producción Gráfica y Audiovisual EIRL (Spain/Chile).
  • El Rastro De Tu Sangre En La Nieve, by Hampa Studio SL and Cine Tornado (Spain/Mexico).
  • Sophia (Sofía), by Atlántika Films, Rudo Company SRL and Ambiro Producciones SRL (Spain/Argentina/Peru).
  • Tierra Milagrosa, by BAP Animation Studios CRL and Anarquía Visual (Portugal/Guatemala).
  • Titán Tofu, by Uniko Estudio Creativo SL, Abano Producións and Mattegraphics CIA LTDA (Spain/Ecuador).
  • Urke, by Bígaro Films SL, Aupa Studio and SMC Studio (Spain/Mexico).
  • Un Viaje Peligroso. La Historia De Pepi, by Noon Films SLU (Spain/Bolivia).
  • Il Viaggio Di Guaman, by L&C SRL, Desfase Films and Producen Bolivia (Italy/Bolivia/Peru).
  • Vigilados. La Prisión De Koira, by Tourmalet Films SL, Apus Estudio SAC and Pudoctopus Entertainment SPA (Spain/Chile/Peru).

The selected projects will receive monetary support from a total of €2,087,775 and guidance from professional mentors.


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Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.