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Hulk Devours on DVD

Ang Lees controversial, angst-ridden adaptation of the popular Marvel comic, HULK, premieres Oct. 28, 2003 on DVD (Universal Home Entertainment, $26.98). The complex, tragic story aside (the scientific sins of the father are truly visited on the son), theres the more intriguing issue of Industrial Light & Magics CG work on the Hulk to reconsider. No matter what your views on the aesthetic choices, the technical advances in character animation make the Hulk a marvel to watch. In terms of extras, the DVD includes The Making of the Hulk, which dissects the film into ILM, Cast and Crew, Stunts & Physical Effects and Music. There are featurettes on how The Dogfight sequence was put together. You can also view how various illustrators from around the globe create a scene from the film in comic book form; and theres an evolution of the Hulk that explores the metamorphosis of Bruce Banner from comic book to screen. Finally, theres The Incredible Ang Lee that pays tribute to the directors hands-on approach, including his donning the motion capture suit to create the Hulks performance.

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Bill Desowitz, former editor of VFXWorld, is currently the Crafts Editor of IndieWire.