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HP Teradici Releases ‘Hybrid Work Report 2022: The Strategic Role of Digital Workspaces’

The white paper includes a survey of companies in multiple industries on how they are implementing hybrid work policies, the obstacles they’ve faced, and what they hope to achieve from employing a split environment option.

HP Teradici has published a “Hybrid Work Report 2022: The Strategic Role of Digital Workspaces” addressing challenges faced by companies implementing hybrid work models and calling on their IT teams to fulfill in-office employee needs as well as those working remotely or in a combination of both. The shifting workplace landscape has forced policies to shift and evolve, ultimately with the goal of maintaining employee productivity.

To understand the state of hybrid work in 2022 and beyond, HP Teradici surveyed more than 270 IT leaders across a range of industries, including Media & Entertainment (28%), IT (25%), Education (12%), Finance (9%), AEC (9%), Government/Military (7%), and Healthcare (3%). 

The HP report indicates that companies favor technology with high-security provisions and high performance in a hybrid environment. Businesses are also looking for solutions that enable collaboration and keep employees connected.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Businesses are investing in digital workspace technology. More than three-quarters of respondents reported staff was actively using remote desktops. A further 13% were either looking into implementation or already trialing it. Only 9% reported no interest in the technology.
  • Businesses are facing specific challenges implementing or managing remote desktops. For example, 59% of all respondents reported issues with pixelation and latency. In addition, 34% found the maintenance and management of remote desktops cumbersome, and 32% also said the implementation process for remoting technology was too difficult.
  • Hybrid work is influencing company policies. According to 85% of respondents, existing company policies have changed to reflect the new hybrid working environments, either somewhat (44%) or completely (41%). 

As hybrid work models evolve, the IT perspective is more critical, going beyond just solving technical problems. The IT team is in an influential position to impact the direction of company policies and company culture. IT’s recommendations for digital workspace technology will help shape the hybrid workplace.

Read the report here.

Source: HP Teradici

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