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HP Finalizes Teradici Acquisition

By year's end, technology giant will offer innovative hybrid computing options featuring enhanced remote services and solutions through integrated subscriptions of Teradici Cloud Access Software and ZCentral Remote Boost.

HP Inc. announced the completion of its acquisition of Teradici Corporation, an innovator in remote computing software that enables users to securely access high-performance computing from any PC, Chromebook, or tablet.

As hybrid work becomes the norm, 67% of the workforce is expected to work remotely at least three days a week, according to HP Internal CMI Research, 2021. The acquisition will enhance HP’s capabilities in the Personal Systems category by delivering new computer models and software-enabled digital services tailored for hybrid work.

“This deal supports our broader strategy to innovate at the heart of hybrid by creating new computing experiences, services and subscriptions that meet changing customer needs and drive profitable growth,” commented HP Personal Systems president Alex Cho. “We are delighted to officially welcome the incredibly talented Teradici team to HP.”

HP will now be able to offer enhanced remote services and solutions through a single subscription to Teradici Cloud Access Software and ZCentral Remote Boost. ZCentral Remote Boost software provides remote access to physical workstations, enabling remote and hybrid work for professionals such as engineers, animators, editors, and other users of high-performance computing.

The company brings a complementary set of capabilities that are focused on cloud PCs and virtual workstations. Combining the two remote access solutions will enable HP to offer a broader remote compute platform that spans on-premise and cloud solutions from any type of device, including macOS, public clouds, and iPad and Android tablets.  The integrated subscription will be available for purchase by the end of the calendar year.

Source: HP Inc.