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How NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Impacts Remote Animation and VFX Workflows

New free White Paper from BOXX Technologies details how the platform is built to address the increasingly common and complex challenges faced by animation and VFX teams across the M&E space.

Last month, NVIDIA announced that it made available a free, 30-day trial of Omniverse Enterprise - it’s real-time 3D design collaboration and virtual world simulation platform - for individual artists and creators in the Media & Entertainment space. As creators continue to work remotely, the Omniverse platform aims to transform complex animation and VFX workflows for studios of any scale, and to synchronize project teams, their creative assets, and software applications in a shared virtual space.

Together with partner BOXX Technologies - whose NVIDIA-certified computer workstations support Omniverse Enterprise - NVIDIA is focused on enhancing the pace and productivity of remote teams working across the M&E space.

In a new, free to download White Paper, BOXX and NVIDIA share "The Significance of NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise in Animation and VFX Workflows,” the two tech leaders detail how BOXX’s high-performance workstations, rendering, and server systems, combined with NVIDIA’s real-time 3D simulation and collaboration platform, changes the game for media and entertainment professionals.

Addressing Workflow Challenges

When designing Omniverse Enterprise, NVIDIA and BOXX identified three key challenges faced by animation and VFX project teams:

  • The first: When working with large, diverse teams with specific workflows and multiple skills, each team member’s skill requires its own software applications and system setup, from workstation to data center.
  • The second: “3D production pipelines are growing increasingly complex, as artists incorporate real-time ray tracing, rendering, simulation, and more into their workflow,” says BOXX Technologies’ John Vondrak, author of the White Paper. “To further complicate matters, the array of tools necessary to enable these workflows are often incompatible, leading to long, linear workflows burdened by time consuming export-import tasks.”
  • The third: Vondrak adds that “the demand for faster time-to-solution, multiple iterations, and the expectation of true-to reality simulation and photorealism increases in parallel.”

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise addresses these commonplace challenges by providing virtual collaboration and real-time simulation. BOXX’s array of workstations configure solutions that optimize the platform for your team’s specific needs.

“For example, a small team of animators or VFX artists collaborating with Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya, as well as Blender and Unreal Engine, could save time and increase productivity with a desk side workstations set-up,” Vondrak explains.

Cost and Waste Reduction

Teams that collaborate simultaneously can instantaneously edit a project file at any layer. This results in faster production time, with less redundancy and waste. Omniverse’s workflow also reduces excessive costs incurred to store large, redundant file copies.

Increased Value of Existing Infrastructure

Omniverse maximizes the value of existing infrastructure by unlocking live-sync collaboration between applications. This presents a solid solution to the hybrid/remote work challenge, giving studios the ability to connect creators across any NVIDIA RTX professional system.

Eliminates Productivity/Innovation Trade-Off

By allowing teams to make maximum iterations at no opportunity cost, Omniverse enables more creative risks without the need to sacrifice time or effort. This is a key component of high-caliber production quality.

Accelerated Time to Production

Omniverse is designed to eliminate linear export-import workflows. “With a single click to ultra high fidelity, all team members can review detailed animation and visual effects for instant feedback, increased confidence, and less uncertainty,” says Vondrak.

BOXX’s NVIDIA-certified systems are purpose-built for Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, and Arnold, as well as Cinema 4D, Chaos V-Ray, Unreal Engine, Blender, and a host of motion media editing applications.

For more information about BOXX NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise solutions, download the free White Paper at

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