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House of Moves Boosts Mocap Pipeline

House of Moves boosts the processing and efficiency of its mocap pipeline with the help of Vicon’s Blade motion capture software.


Los Angeles, CA -- House of Moves, taking advantage of the latest technology advancements in Vicon’s Blade motion capture software, have dramatically increased processing and production efficiencies. The company’s film, TV and games customers will benefit from the resulting cost savings.

House of Moves recently completed an internal audit determining that over the past 12 months and multiple project types, its motion capture processing costs have declined by as much as 50%. House of Moves CEO Brian Rausch attributes these savings to technological advancements including proprietary tools the company has written for Blade 1.7 software, the integration of Shotgun production management software, and more recently, the deployment of Blade 2 software.

“Technology is helping to significantly reduce the costs of high quality motion capture, making it more accessible to all kinds of film, TV and game productions,” said Rausch. “Processing and cleaning up motion capture data requires a human in the loop, and is a particularly time-intensive, and potentially costly, task. Thanks to tools exposed in Blade 2, we’re considerably reducing these processing costs and passing these savings on to our clients.”


Blade 2’s Axiom live engine has streamlined House of Moves’ production workflow by processing digital character animation in real time during motion capture shoots. Its ability to handle multiple characters, run real time with face markers, and automatically fix occlusions has further reduced House of Moves’ processing costs.

At GDC 2013, House of Moves demonstrated the real-time capabilities of Blade 2 combined with the Unreal 3 games engine, enabling directors to see what the actors’ movements will look like in the scene as they’re shooting on the motion capture stage.

Source: House of Moves

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