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Hornet Signs Directorial Duo Parallel

Directing team Parallel, made up of the Quentin Baillieux and Raphaëlle Tinland, join up with Hornet for representation in the United States and Canada.

Directing team Parallel, made up of the Quentin Baillieux and Raphaëlle Tinland, have joined up with Hornet for representation in the United States and Canada. One part illustration (Quentin) and one part photography (Raphaëlle), the two artists merged their respective talents to create films that are exceptionally atmospheric. Their style balances delicate lighting with textures and geometric shapes to create work rooted in minimal design. Far from simple, the resulting moods elicited from their elegant scenes captivate with their expansive and dynamic qualities.

Prior to Hornet, Parallel created films for Nespresso and just recently for watch brand Anonimo.

NESPRESSO MOBILE -- Air Date: April 9, 2013

Through 3D and 2D techniques, Parallel creates an engaging world as we travel from Australia to France, illustrating how Nespresso's new mobile application works.

ART OF BRONZE - ANONIMO -- Air Date: May 15, 2014

Anonimo is a transalpine watch brand that carves their watches from bronze, and does not use a mold. Playing off of this, Parallel's film depicts each watch creation as the robust and majestic item that they are.

Source: Hornet

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