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Hornet and Blinkink Join Forces

Hornet and UK production company Blinkink form a transatlantic alliance that brings together some of the most visually inventive talent from around the globe.

Hornet and UK production company Blinkink are forming a transatlantic alliance that brings together some of the most visually inventive talent from around the globe. Conceived as a true reciprocation of talent from each company, the new relationship will bolster both houses existing rosters to be amongst the most creative director-focused mixed media and animation production companies in the U.S. and Europe.

Emphasizing collaboration, the intent is to create something original and more potent than typical representation. This partnership will seek out and create work that is relentlessly innovative and compelling within the world of advertising and beyond. Each brand will continue to support and invest in their artists in order to open up new opportunities across commercials, short films, music videos and long form content for TV and Film. This shared commitment to nurturing and developing new talent is what makes the pair perfect allies.

“Many companies have their guard up when it comes to representation,” offered Michael Feder, Hornet partner. “They want to protect their brand and hold the best work on their side. In doing so, they limit the potential for the greatest possible outcome. Hornet has always been about letting creativity flourish. That’s why this partnership makes so much sense. Both creative forces will work together, share ideas, and play off one another to broaden the creative potential for our clients.”

Exclusively available in the USA through Hornet will be the full Blinkink roster of directors including Noah Harris, Simon Willows, Joseph Mann, Elliot Dear and Sumo Science.

Joining the Blinkink roster through Hornet will be established directors like Peter Sluszka, Guilherme Marcondes, Yves Geleyn, and Dan & Jason as well as breaking but already acclaimed talents like Julia Pott and Mikey Please.

In celebration of this new partnership, the two brands have specially designed limited edition signed prints from Julia Pott and the Layzell Bros. To be a part of a small give-away, visit Hornet on Facebook or Twitter for info.

About Blinkink Existing in the world where animation and technique-driven live action meet, Blinkink is a division of Blink Productions in London, winner of Production Company of the Year in 2011 by Campaign and Televisual magazines. Blinkink is always nurturing fresh young talent alongside well-established directors to create commercials, short films and music videos that are consistently unique and innovative.\

About Hornet Inc.

Hornet is an award-winning mixed media production company that supports agencies and brands through storytelling and design. Surrounded by both established and emerging filmmakers, Hornet creates exceptional work in collaboration with its passionate team of artists and producers. Hornet believes in designing an experience for its clients both through the art it creates and the process in which it's created.

Source: Blinklink/Hornet Inc.

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