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Honest And Mainframe Entertainment Team For New Series

Canadian CGI animation house Mainframe Entertainment and ANGELA ANACONDA creator Honest Entertainment, announced at MIP-TV that they have joined forces to create the new collage animation series FAMILY VALUES. Created and written by Tom Brady (THE SIMPSONS, THE CRITIC) and Joanna Ferrone (co-creator of FIDO DIDO and ANGELA ANACONDA) the series will be produced using collage illustration made from cut paper with photographs used to portray each character's face. Mark Fleischer, president, Mainframe USA, stated, "Joanna Ferrone and Tom Brady have created a hilarious series with a contemporary-retro look and cutting-edge themes. We are very excited to be working with them on this wonderful project and to have the opportunity of applying CGI animation to collage illustration. This not only adds a completely new dimension to the process, but it also brings the characters to life in a startling and very funny way."