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Hiroshima Festival 2022 Reveals Selections in Competition

Out of 2,149 entries 54 films have been selected to participate in this year’s event running August 17-21; animated short and feature films will compete in either the ‘Pan-Pacific and Asia Competition’ or the ‘World Competition.’

Hiroshima Animation Season 2022 has announced selections in competition for the upcoming festival, which runs August 17-21. Submissions were received from over 86 countries to compete in both the feature and short films categories. Out of the 2,149 entries receive, 54 films have been selected. The competition has two parts: the Pan-Pacific and Asia Competition and the World Competition.

The main visual for the event was also unveiled; it was created by Hiroshima-based artist shunshun. His works includes promotional visual posters and artwork for:

The second half of NHK's TV series Welcome Home, Monet
Tokyo National Museum/Open-Air Cinema at the Museum
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa / Open Marubii
Tsubaki Stationery Shop/Cover illustration for a book by Ito Ogawa
KIRO Hiroshima / THE SHARE HOTELS artwork

Competition Selection:

The Pan Pacific and Asia Competition

  • Ma Ma Hu Hu (Liang-Hsin Huang/Taiwan, Japan/0:03:00)
  • Flowing Home (Sandra Desmazieres/France, Canada/0:14:00)
  • Misery Loves Company (Sasha/Korea/0:03:23)
  • Red Fire (Mona A.Shahi/Iran/0:11:00)
  • Wandering With NONO And PUPU (See Ek Chang/Malaysia/0:02:30)
  • How I Grew Up (Yufei Liu, Yike Cen, Jiawei Li/China/0:07:43)
  • Worms Ate My Flesh (Nigel Braddock/New Zealand/0:04:56)
  • Modo De Vida - A Goan Sketchbook (Rohit Karandadi/India/0:04:00)
  • Bird in the Peninsula (Atsushi Wada /France, Japan/0:16:00)
  • Bestia (Hugo Covarrubias/Chile/00:15:00)
  • The Loach (Xi Chen, An Xu/China/0:07:00)
  • The Visit (Morrie Tan/Singapore/0:09:06)
  • Patient's Mind (Zhiheng Wang/China/0:06:00)
  • Charlotte (Zach Dorn/United States/0:12:21)
  • The Fourth Wall (Mahboobeh Kalaee/Iran/0:09:00)
  • Los Huesos (Cristobal Leon, Joaqufn Cociri/Chile/0:14:22)

The World Competition


Allegories Nowadays (fiction-based films)

Jury members: Arthur Binard, Hiroko Sebu, and Shizuka Miyazaki

  • Tiger is Strolling Around (Anastasiia Falileieva/Ukraine/0:12:00)
  • Reduction (Reka Anna Szakaly/Hungary/0:11:00)
  • Helfer (Anna Szollosi /Hungary/0:09:45)
  • In the Mountains (Wally Chung/United States/0:05:20)
  • Prince in a Pastry Shop (Katarzyna Agopsowicz/Poland/0:16:00)
  • Confessions of an English Ant-Eater (Alex Crumbie/United Kingdom/0:05:03)
  • A Story for 2 Trumpets (Amandine Meyer/France/0:05:26) Skinned (Joachim Herisse/France/0:15:00)
  • When You Get to The Forest (Eric Power/United States/1:12:38)

A Slice of Society (animated documentaries/films with social issues

Jury members: Kiki Sugino, Asako Fujioka, and Honami Yano

  • Salvia at Nine (Jang Nari/Korea/0:07:00)
  • All Those Sensations in My Belly (Marko Djeska/Croatia/0:13:00)
  • Mom, What's up with the Dog? (Lola Lefevre/France/0:07:00)
  • Precious (Paul Mas/France/0:14:00)
  • I'm Late (Sawako Kabuki/France, Japan/0:10:00)
  • Holy Holocaust (Osi wald, Noa Berman-Herzberg/Israel/0:17:00)
  • The House of Loss (Jinkyu Jeon /Japan, Korea/0:10:00)
  • Silver Bird and Rainbow Fish (Lei Lei/United States, Netherlands/1:48:00)

Adventure in Storytelling (films with a unique narrative)

Jury members: Min Tanaka, Yuki Harada, and Sarina Nihei

  • Regular (Nata Metlukh/United States/0:05:00)
  • Backflip (Nikita Diakur/Germany/0:12:30)
  • 3 geNARRATIONS (Paulina Ziofkowska/Poland/0:08:30)
  • The blind writer (Georges Sifianos/Greece/0:10:00)
  • My Father's Damn Camera (Milos Tomic/Slovenia/0:06:40)
  • The Primitives (Genadzi Buto/Belarus/0:10:00)
  • In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-weeny Pocket (Yoko Yuki/Japan/0:06:00)
  • Darwin's Notebook (Georges Schwizgebel/Switzerland/0:09:00)
  • Swallow the Universe (Nieto/France/0:12:00)

Visual Poetry (poetic films)

Jury members: Jung-Yeon Ma, Daito Manabe, and Koji Yamamura

  • Intermission (Reka Bucsi/Hungary/0:04:50)
  • Promised Land (Andrea Pierri/Italy/0:08:42
  • Deforming after Transforming (Fukumi Nakazawa/Japan/0:08:47)
  • Clockwise (Toni Mitjanit/Spain/0:03:26)
  • Zoon (Jonatan Schwenk/Germany/0:04:00)
  • Archipel (Felix Dufour-Laperriere/Canada/1:12:00)

The Spark: Films for Children

Jury members: Kotobuki Shiriagari, Yukiko Hiromatsu, and Ryutaro Miyajima

  • Giuseppe (Isabelle Favez/Switzerland/0:26:00)
  • Spinning (Tzu-Hsin Yang (Cindy Yang)/Taiwan/0:05:00)
  • In Nature (Marcel Barelli/Switzerland/0:05:00)
  • Miranda! - El arte de enamorarte (Dante Zaballa/Argentina/0:03:00)
  • Fran9ois Couperin. The Alarm Clock (Natalia Ryss/Russia/0:03:15)
  • A Town Called Panic: The Summer Holidays (Vincent Patar, Stephane Aubier/France, Belgium/0:26:00)

Hiroshima Animation Season 2022 is an animation film festival to be held as the main program of the Media Arts Division of the "Hiroshima Festival," August 1-28, 2022, which will be newly launched by the City of Hiroshima in August 2022.

Visit the event website for additional information.

Source: Hiroshima Animation Season 2022

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