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Hiroshima Awards Top Prize to Milch

Hiroshima International Animation Festival, which was held from Aug. 24-28, 2006, has awarded its top prize to Igor Kovalyovs MILCH.

Marcy Page, chairperson of the jury, said, The films were exceptional. When the jury work began we thought that with the number of awards we had to give that there would surely be enough to single out our favorites. But finally, the jury could have easily given out a dozen (for two) more awards!

The complete list of winners follows.

Grand PrixMILCH by Igor KovalyovThe Grand Prize is awarded to this dark, moody tale of disturbed family life for its masterful use of design, animation, light and sound to convey deep and harsh truths.

Hiroshima PrizeWOLF DADDY by Hyung-yun ChangThis is a delightfully ironic and humorous film about the transformative power of unexpected parenthood.

Debut PrizeBIRDCALLS by Malcolm SutherlandFor its inventive use of sound and image, and its elegantly realized structure.

Renzo Kinoshita PrizeTHE MEMORIES OF DOGS by Simone MassiFor the films monumental simplicity, its emotional intensity and beautifully designed soundtrack.

Rene Laloux PrizeREGULATOR by Philippe GrammaticopoulosIt takes us inside the directors powerful imagination to present strongly realized black and white graphic world.

Audience PrizeMY LOVE by Alexandre Petrov

Special International Jury Prize

RABBIT by Run Wrake For brilliance of the directors imagination. It is both exciting to watch and thought provoking.

PLAY by Georges Schwizgebel This brilliant tour de force by a renown filmmaker was chosen for its rich painterly surface and its inventive and complex sense of play.

MY LOVE by Alexandre PetrovFor its epic and hallucinogenic tale of misguided young love with its masterful animation and great expression of Russian life.

DYING LOVE by Gil AlkabetzFor its subtle humor and its perfectly constructed storyline.

TRAGIC STORY WITH HAPPY ENDING by Regina PessoaFor its strong solidarity with outsiders and its expressive animation style.

A BACKBONE TALE by Jeremy ClapinThis bent tale of love and destiny is well-crafted, charming, punctuated nicely with laughs and bound together by a great musical score.

METAMORPH by Rastko CiricFor its humor and its ironic play with science. It is both ingenious and sarcastic.

Special PrizeAPPLE PIE by Isabelle FavezThis film is a tale told with great humor, surprising relationships and strong yet simple visuals.

A BUS RIDE AND FLOWERS IN HER HAIR by Asaf AgranatThe film is a gentle portrayal of a childs world told with insight and imagination.

THE CORRIDOR by Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup FelicioliAn original story unfolds itself in stylish graphics and beautiful color; a surrea; situation existing alongside daily life.

INSOMNIA by Vladimir LesciovFor its simplicity, the graphic clarity and its crazy vision.

FOG by Emilio RamosFor its poetic description of the memories of an old man and for its social context.

COME ON STRANGE by Gabriela GruberFor its rhythmic and strong graphic expression that appeals to the unconscious mind.

THE OLD CROCODILE by Koji YamamuraThe deceptively simple but sophisticated graphics bring a surprising new style to an old story.

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