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‘HieroPlayer’ Now Free with Nuke License

Foundry’s desktop review tool lets artists quickly playback shots and review renders while optimizing workflows - sharing timelines provides greater visibility and control over projects.

Creative software creator Foundry is making HieroPlayer, its desktop tool for editorial and review, available for free with a Nuke or NukeX license. Part of the Nuke family of products, HieroPlayer allows artists to playback shots or a sequence and compare versions of renders quickly.

With HieroPlayer, artists can easily see their work in the context of the VFX timeline. Alongside Nuke Studio, it allows editors, producers, and coordinators to optimize their review workflows by seamlessly sharing timelines for greater visibility and control over projects.  The review tool integrates with Nuke and NukeX for greater collaboration across teams whether they use the node graph or the timeline solutions.

“Foundry’s vision with Nuke has always been to give more control to the compositors,” shared Foundry Senior Product Manager - Timeline & Story, Juan Salazar. “By including HieroPlayer free with maintenance, we are enabling Nuke artists to easily review work and share feedback in the context of the full project, with accurate and consistent color, and the same pipeline-ability you expect from Nuke.”

The promotion offers a free annual subscription of HieroPlayer to artists holding a Nuke or NukeX license with active maintenance. Additional information is available here.

Source: Foundry