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Here's an acting class for animators

Ed Hooks will teach a one-day acting for animators class in San Franciscoon September 25, from 10 am-5 pm. The class will include thinking-emotionconnections, thinking-physical action connections, character analysis,basic acting principles (the scene as a negotiation) and improvisations.Also, there will be discussion of shadow movement, psychological gesture,the "look" of memory, eye contact between characters, the importance ofempathy and how to achieve it. Clips from Charlie Chaplin movies will bescreened to make object lessons. Ed Hooks, who has taught acting toanimators at PDI, OddWorld Inhabitants, Mondo Media, FilmakademieBaden-Worttenberg, among other places, also teaches professional-levelacting classes to actors and is the author of two books on acting.Heinemann will publish his new book, ACTING FOR ANIMATORS, next year.Tuition is $125. For more information contact Hooks at enrollment is limited to fifteen.