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I Can Do Bad Feels Good to Lionsgate


Landing at #1, Tyler Perry’s I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF (LGF, with vfx by Wilson Tang, Toby Sells Creature Make-up FX Shop) earned $24M in its debut weekend.

The visual stunner ‘9’ was #2, (Focus, with animation by Relativity Media and Starz Animation) taking-in $10.8M. ‘9’ has earned $15.2M to date.

At #3, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS (Wein, with vfx by Die Nefzers, K.N.B. Effects Group) took in $6.5M -- down 43% earning $104.3M to date.

Falling to #4, the Sandra Bullock starrer, ALL ABOUT STEVE, (Fox, with vfx by Flash Film Works) earned $5.8M -- down 48%.  STEVE has made $21.8M to date.

Rounding-out the Top Five, at #5, THE FINAL DESTINATION (WB/NL, with vfx by Amalgamated Pixels) grabbed $5.5M.  DESTINATION was down 55% -- with a total gross of $58.2M.

Debuting in the #6 slot, SORORITY ROW (Sum. with vfx by Zoic Studios) earned $5.2M.

Also in its debut week, the chiller WHITEOUT, was at #7, (WB, with vfx by Hybride Technologies, Invisible Pictures and Rocket Science VFX) earning $5.1M.

At #8, DISTRICT 9 (TriStar, with vfx by Image Engine Design) made $3.6M -- down 49% with a total gross of $108.5M.

Sony’s sleeper hit, JULIE & JULIA, fell to #9 (Sony, with vfx by Brainstorm Digital) bringing-in $3.3M -- down only 38% with a total gross of $85.3M.

Tumbling to #10, Gerald Butler’s GAMER, (LGF, with vfx by Furious FX, Gradient Effects and LOOK! Effects) earned $3.1M -- down 65%. GAMER has earned only $16.1M thus far.