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‘Helen’s Little School’ Headed to MIPCOM

France-Canada co-production from Superprod and Muse Entertainment is created by Clément Calvet and Alexandre Révérend, and designed by Eugène & Louise (Glenn d’Hondt, Sylvia Meert) and Stéphane Gallard.

MONTREAL -- Helen’s Little School, a new animated series for preschoolers (ages 3-5) about a school for toys, will be launched at MIPCOM this fall.

Helen is six years old, and her biggest dream is to one day become a schoolteacher. In the imaginary realm of Helen’s Little School, Helen gets to pretend that she’s the teacher of her very own class! Better yet, not only does she get to experience what it’s like being a teacher, but her class is a made up of a very special group of students: her own toys come to life!

The 52x11-minute episodes, created by Clément Calvet (Lassie) and Alexandre Révérend (Vic the Viking), are designed by Eugène & Louise (Glenn d’Hondt, Sylvia Meert) and Stéphane Gallard (The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog); and directed by Dominique Etchecopar (Woofy). Superprod (Lassie, Pat the Dog, Song of the Sea) and Muse Entertainment (The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog, Bounty Hunters, Family Biz) are producing the show for France Télévision in France and Knowledge Network, BBC Kids, Télé-Québec and TFO in Canada. Discovery Kids Latin America also joined as a pre-buyer and several deals are currently in discussion all over the world.

Helen’s Little School means a lot to us since it is an original property we’ve been developing internally. It is a very strong, simple and fun concept that has been inspired by all kids around the world who love to play school and act as if they were a teacher,” Calvet says. “We are particularly happy to partner again with Muse Entertainment’s fantastic team and we would like to thank France Television’s team which played a great role in the development process as well.”

“We’re having so much fun working on Helen’s Little School that I keep forgetting my homework,” Muse Entertainment’s SVP Jesse Prupas says, laughing. “The amazing thing about this concept is its simplicity: preschoolers love to play school. And I’m just delighted to have such amazing partners in France and in Canada to be playing with!”

Helen’s Little School is a France-Canada coproduction between Superprod and Muse Entertainment. Superprod is handling production in its Paris offices and its newly-founded animation studio in Angouleme. Digital Dimension provides animation services for the production from its offices in Montreal.

Superights is distributing the series internationally and Muse Distribution International will handle Canadian distribution.

Source: Muse Entertainment