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HEAVY METAL rough cut comes to DVD!

Columbia-Tri Star Home Video is releasing a collector's edition DVD ofHEAVY METAL which was supervised by Gerald Potterton and released in 1981.Those who bought the laser rot-prone laserdisc that was released threeyears ago will want to purchase this new release even if their LD remainsin pristine condition. The movie is digitally remastered and in widescreen,with anamorphic video. Hopefully, that means it has a new transfer that,unlike the previous widescreen release, does not cut off the top and bottomof the image. It also includes a feature length rough cut with optionalcommentary by Carl Macek, author of HEAVY METAL: THE MOVIE. The rough cutversion of HEAVY METAL is said to have been significantly different fromthe final version to warrant releasing it. Other features include: EnglishDolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0; the documentary IMAGINING HEAVY METAL, deletedscenes; production photo gallery; HEAVY METAL magazine cover gallery;NEVERLAND deleted scene, which was also included on the previous VHS and LDreleases; a pencil portfolio and a single and layered cels portfolio; aconceptual art gallery; production notes; Carl Macek reading his book,HEAVY METAL: THE MOVIE; and subtitles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.The retail price is US$27.95, and the street date is November 23, 1999.