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'Head Over Heels' Wins Cartoon d’Or 2013

Timothy Reckart's Oscar-nominated film Head Over Heels wins the Cartoon D'Or award for Best European short animated film.

Timothy Reckart's Oscar-nominated film Head Over Heels won the Cartoon D'Or award for Best European short animated film.

Cartoon D'Or is the premiere European award for the best European short animated film of the year. It was created in 1991 by CARTOON to counteract the lack of awards for animation inside the major European festivals and awards (Cannes, Berlin, Venice Film Festival etc.)

For the 2013 award, jury members selected the story of a couple upside down in Head Over Heels to get the coveted award, which was shared between director Reckart and producer Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly.

Cartoon D'Or nominees (between five and six each year) are selected from a number of already awarded short films at partner animation festivals such as Annecy, Anifest and Stuttgart.

The six nominated films for 2013 were:

  • Betty's Blues by Rémi Vandenitte (12 mn, France / Belgium, 2013) Prod: LesFilms du Nord /La Boîte Productions
  • Head Over Heels by Timothy Reckart & Fodhla Cronin O'Reilly (10mn 20s, UK,2012). Prod: NFTS
  • I Am Tom Moody by Ainslie Henderson (6mn 55s, UK, 2012) Prod: Edinburgh Collegeof Art
  • Kali the Little Vampire by Regina Pessoa (9mn 20s, Portugal/France/Canada /Switzerland,2012) Prod: Ciclope Filmes/ONF/Folimage / GDS
  • Off the Track (Ecart de conduite) by Rocio Alvarez (4mn 7s, France, 2012) Prod:La Poudrière
  • Women's Letters (Lettres de femmes) by Augusto Zanovello (11mn 15s, France, 2013)Prod: Pictor Media / Xbo Films

The 2013 jury was composed of producer Didier Brunner from Les Armateurs (France) and directors Anca Damian (Romania) and Enrique Gato (Spain). See all the eligible films entered into competition.

Oh, Willy by Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels won the Cartoon D'Or in 2012.

The Cartoon D' Or award ceremony took place September 19 during Cartoon Forum in Toulouse, France.

Watch the trailer for Head Over Heels, below:

Source: Cartoon Forum

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