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Havas Changes Name To Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing

Havas Interactive, a subsidiary of Vivendi Universal Publishing, has changed its name to Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing (VU Interactive Publishing). The company is comprised of two operating divisions, Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing North America (VU Interactive Publishing NA) and Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing International, each of which is charged with directing the sales, distribution and operating activities in its respective region. The name change completes the company's organizational evolution that began with the formation of parent company Vivendi Universal in December 2000 and Havas' subsequent name change to Vivendi Universal Publishing in January 2001. VU Interactive Publishing NA sells and distributes VU Publishing's interactive entertainment and educational software products throughout North America, including titles published by interactive business units Blizzard Entertainment, Knowledge Adventure, Sierra-Online and Universal Interactive Studios. VU Interactive Publishing NA is based in Los Angeles, California and is headed by CEO Luc Vanhal, formerly CFO of Havas Interactive Inc. "VU Interactive Publishing NA's sales and distribution organizations are among the best in the business," said Vanhal. "The new structure enables us to more fully leverage our global distribution capabilities for the benefit of our business units, as well as our strategic partners'." Vivendi Universal Publishing is a world leader in multi-content and multi-platform publishing. The Company has 22,000 employees and 300 brands in 40 countries and aims to become the unchallenged leader in each of its operating sectors -- games, education, literature, health and information.