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Hassle-free 3D digitizing

When capturing 3D models, 3D digitizers such as the Microscribe 3D (from Immersion Corporation) and ModelMaker 3D (from 3D Scanner Ltd.) have always been better at digitizing clay models than actual human beings (although ModelMaker can be used to digitize humans, its a painfully slow process in which someone has to sit VERY still), which is why when one wanted an accurate 3D model of a human being they had to go to a specialist...well, not any more! InSpeck, a company who has been involved in the business of digitizing 3D objects since 1994, has released InSpeck-3D, a revolutionary new tool in 3D digitizing. InSpeck-3D, unlike other 3D 'scanners,' uses no lasers, and does not come in contact with the object. Instead it relies on a camera to acquire surface and texture data optically to build the 3D model inside the computer. But that's not all. InSpeck-3D can gather texture and 3D coordinates of up to 300,000 points in only 0.3 seconds, which makes it ideal for digitizing human beings.

The InSpeck-3D comes complete with two software packages: FAPS and InSpeck-EM. FAPS is the acquisition and processing software one uses when digitizing an object, and InSpeck-EM is the program one uses to complete and edit a model. Once one has digitized an object (or person), one can use the model in almost any major 3D package such as SOFTIMAGE or 3D Studio MAX.