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Hasbro Drops Pep-tacular ‘Peppa Pig Wedding Special’ Trailer

Guest starring Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, the 3-part special, in celebration of Peppa Pig’s 20th anniversary, debuts March 25 on Nickelodeon.

n celebration of Peppa Pig’s 20th anniversary, Hasbro has announced a 3-part Peppa Pig Wedding Special, with special guest stars Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, airing March 25-28 at 9:00 AM ET/PT as part of Nickelodeon’s “Peppa Pig Wedding Week.”

Perry voices guest character, dressmaker Ms. Leopard, and Bloom the jeweler, Mr. Raccoon, who assist with preparations for the first-ever wedding scene when Mr. Bull and Mrs. Cow surprise everyone with their wedding announcement. 

“Peppa is so relatable and warm, and her stories teach lessons of good values and integrity that I am modeling for my daughter,” said Perry. “It feels like a warm cup of tea all the time! How could I say no? Peppa is an icon, and I thought I should give my KatyCats the collab they’ve been asking for!… Plus, whatever makes me cool with my toddler is what I’m into these days!”

Bloom boasted about his daughter’s love for Peppa while sharing, “The fact that I get to be Mr. Raccoon and I can run around the kitchen pretending to be Mr. Raccoon when she’s watching it, she will just be so delighted.”

The British preschool animated television series has aired for 20 years across nine seasons in over 180 territories. It follows Peppa Pig, a cheeky little piggy who lives with her family – younger brother George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig – as well as her diverse community of friends. Peppa Pig encourages kids to explore the world around them while giving them the confidence needed to treat every first step as a new adventure.

Source: Hasbro

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