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Happy Tree Friends Launches New Action Series Ka-Pow!

Action series KA-POW!, a spinoff of HAPPY TREE FRIENDS, has debuted a series premiere episode on

The first three episodes in the new series revolve around Flippy, Buddhist Monkey and Splendid. With more than 500 million online show views since its launch -- the third-most-viewed channel on YouTube -- the videos have received more than 200 million unique show views, consistently ranking in the top iTunes podcast downloads, a TV series, PC and Xbox videogame, home video line and a global licensing business, fans of HAPPY TREE FRIENDS are now introduced to new characters, new story lines and new animation.

John Evershed, Co-Founder and CEO of Mondo Media said, "These new shows are a play on superheroes, comics and pop-culture. It involves new characters, new designs, a new look and feel with edgier, sharper storylines and with a lot more action. Our fans have been begging for more and have asked about certain characters. These first episodes should answer some questions our fans have had about some of our characters. Most important they are a lot of fun and entertaining."

"W.A.R. Journal" unlocks the secrets of well known character Flippy's flack-riddled past. The episode follows HAPPY TREE FRIENDS' favorite psychotic bear deep in the War Zone with a group of all-new commando co-stars beating down the bad guys in high-caliber combat. Learn the grisly truths about Flippy's bloodthirsty 'band of brothers' as they 'execute' their missions.

On September 23, HAPPY TREE FRIENDS cult hero Buddhist Monkey gets his own episode with a slammin' kung-fu free-for all! Not content to simply battle ninjas, the Simian Supreme will face the weirdest foes he has ever banged heads with! And who is the shadowy figure behind the evildoers?

And on November 4, it's an all new adventure with Splendid, superhero squirrel, as he faces the deadliest challenge of his life! The earth will rock and the stars will shatter in a cataclysmic Mother of All Battles as Splendid fights for his very life! Can the Squirrel of Steel triumph against a menace as mighty as himself? You won't believe the surprise ending!

Kenn Navarro, Co-Creator of HAPPY TREE FRIENDS and KA-POW! said, "I've been dying to take the characters in new directions. I've always been passionate about comics, Saturday morning cartoons, superheroes, and action adventure. We've done some episodes in the past where we've incorporated some of the elements that we are using on these new episodes and they've been some of our most popular to date. Working with the team at Ghostbot Animation --they did the previous Buddhist Monkey episodes, "False Alarm" and "Stealing the Spotlight", as well as a few other Mondo projects -- we really had a great time working together and I really feel we've taken these new shows to a new level."