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Hannibal Claims U.S. Holiday Box Office

Gobbling up tickets over the President's Day weekend, HANNIBAL remained the toast of the U.S. box office, grossing US$30 million. In merely ten-days at theaters, the cannibalistic caper, with primary visual effects by Mill Film, has scoffed down an amazing $103.9 million. Disney's TV series turned feature, RECESS: SCHOOL'S OUT placed third in its debut, freezing up $10.8 million. In turn, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON slipped to fifth, with a gross of $8.77 million. The multiple Oscar nominee, with primary visual effects by Blue Sky Studios, CFC/MVFX and Manex Visual Effects, has accumulated $71.51 million to date. Climbing back up a slot to finish in sixth, TRAFFIC raced in with another $6.51 million. The drug war drama, with primary visual effects by Cinesite, has seized $79.04 million thus far. Sinking from sixth to eighth place, CAST AWAY floated in an additional $5.03 million. The volleyball friendly film, with primary visual effects by Sony Pictures Imageworks, has raked in $216.6 million thus far. Box office figures were obtained on

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