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‘Hana’s Helpline’ Brings Stop-Motion Advice to Kids Across China

The Media Pioneers secures deal for award-winning preschool series to air on CCTV, China’s leading children’s channel.

LONDON -- Hoho Rights, the commercial arm of kids’ production company Hoho Entertainment, has announced that award-winning preschool series, Hana’s Helpline (52 x 10”), is now airing on national TV in China on CCTV. The deal was negotiated by The Media Pioneers, Hoho’s exclusive distribution partner in China.

The deal follows the series’ initial launch on  Tencent and MangoTV, two of China’s most popular VOD channels. CCTV, China’s state-owned broadcaster, runs the country’s leading children’s channel which is accessible to over one billion viewers. 

“We’re thrilled to be bringing this beautiful stop-motion series to preschoolers in China and it’s been a pleasure working with Maggie and her team to make this happen,” remarked Hoho Entertainment joint managing director, Helen Howells. “Hana and her friends are there to remind little children that they should never fear talking about their problems, no matter how big or small.”

Maggie Liang, The Media Pioneers’ MD, added, “We are proud to represent Hoho Rights to distribute Hana’s Helpline, a classic and innovative IP, to the Chinese market. The show's concept and characters bring fun and positivity to kids and their families. We believe Chinese audiences will enjoy the show and fall in love with Hana and her friends.”

Produced by Wales-based Calon TV for S4C and Channel 5, Hana’s Helpline is a stop-motion animation series about a dedicated duck agony aunt who is always at the end of a phone. The series deals with the kind of social and emotional issues that young children experience when they first start going to school. Together with her son Francis, Hana helps animals with all sorts of problems, whether it’s a giraffe that’s being bullied because it’s so tall or a little duck that’s too scared to go swimming. Her patience and sympathetic response either help them solve the problem, or cope with it if it can’t be fixed.

Source: Hoho Entertainment