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HALON Entertainment Ups Chris Ferriter to CEO

HALON Entertainment founder Daniel Gregoire set as chairman of the board.

LOS ANGELES -- Leading visualization company HALON Entertainment has announced the promotion of HALON producer and industry veteran Chris Ferriter to CEO. Ferriter joined HALON with more than two decades of experience as an award-winning producer and designer in the entertainment industry. Founder Daniel Gregoire will continue with the company in a creative role as chairman of the board. Ferriter will work alongside head of studio Patrice Avery and co-founder and supervisor Brad Alexander. 

Ferriter joined HALON in 2016 to head up the copmany’s game cinematic department. Prior to that, Ferriter served as managing director of Divisive Media Australia. His previous experience includes managing producer for several of the game industry’s top publishers including THQ, Midway and Ubisoft, as well as Lead Designer for EA Sports. The commitment Ferriter has demonstrated to visualization and storytelling made him the ideal choice to oversee HALON Entertainment’s expansion across film, television, game and live event visualization.

“When I joined HALON I felt that I had found a home with this group of like-minded filmmakers that were intently focused on the craft of visual storytelling,” said Ferriter. “I feel honored to take on this role where I can help guide the evolution and growth of HALON.”

HALON Entertainment most recently contributed their visualization skills to feature hits Logan and Kong: Skull Island, and will be represented in theaters this summer with War for the Planet for the Apes, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Recently, HALON has made tremendous growth in the game space. This includes directing and producing cinematics for projects such as Turtle Rock Studios and 2K’s Evolve and the Evolve – Stalker Trailer which has been viewed over 1.5 million times, Firaxis Games and 2K’s XCOM2The Division’s E3 title announcement trailer, California’s Great America’s Mass Effect: New Earth, A 4D Holographic Journey, and most recently the trailer for Paladins – Champions of the Realm.

“Thanks to our exceptional artists and producers, HALON has experienced unprecedented growth,” said founder, Daniel Gregoire. “Our clients are retaining HALON for the entire visualization process through final VFX and cinematics work. Chris has the creative understanding and business acumen to keep pace with the studio’s expansion, while retaining our core collaborative principles and creative standards.” 

HALON has established a reputation as the foremost visualization studio for cutting-edge technology utilization, and superior storytelling artistry across all entertainment mediums. The studio operates out of a Santa Monica base, with additional operations in London and Vancouver.

Source: HALON Entertainment

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