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‘Gumby’ Animated Kids, Adult Series in Development at Fox’s Bento Box

The first series, ‘Gumby Kids,’ aimed at children aged eight-12, will be showrun, penned, and executive produced by Deeki Deke; focus will shift to the adult primetime series once first series is up and running.

He was once a little green slab of clay… but now Gumby, the iconic 1950’s franchise, is getting both a kids and adult animated series adaptation with Fox’s Bento Box Entertainment.

All rights to the property, including film, television and streaming, consumer products, licensing, publishing, and all other categories, were acquired by Fox from the estate of Joseph Clokey, son of creator Art Clokey, in early 2022.

Gumby Kids will be showrun, penned, and executive produced by Deeki Deke (The Cuphead Show!), and is being presented at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival this week.

“We want to bring the character to kids, a lot of kids don’t know Gumby but the parents are the ones that are really going to vibe with Gumby Kids [initially],” Bento Box Head of Production Dana Cameron told Deadline. “Deeki Deke, who is our showrunner, is amazing and we feel that he’s got a really strong idea for the series that we’re really excited about.”

The show, aimed at kids aged eight to 12, follows Gumby, the beloved architect and city planner of Gumbtasia, who often finds himself in the center of conflict and chaos. Gumby is joined by familiar friend Pokey, as well as the half dragon Prickle, half dinosaur Goo, and series foes The Blockheads.

Joining Deke as executive producers are Stephen Davis, Chief Content Officer of Hasbro, and Still Entertainment’s Will Davis.

Focus will shift to the adult primetime series once Gumby Kids is up and running.

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